How to schedule a service based appointment?
Go to Book Appointment and choose the day and exact time for your no obligation service based appointment. You can also book appointment by phone at 1-888-633-2536; phone calls are accepted 24/7 and all calls are returned promptly.

What to expect during a free no obliagtion service basesd appointment?
The Extreme Deck Makeover team will arrive to you house at the appointed time.  An Team will measure your deck and go over exact details of the estimate: and the Extreme Deck Makeover's process.  If you give the go ahead they will start the process the same day!! 

How much time does the Extreme Deck Makeover team need to complete a job?
Depending on the size and complexity of your project  , as well as the weather, a job is usually completed within 5  to  10  days.

How can I contact the Customer Service Team?
Go to Support and open up a ticket 24/7/365 or call 1-888-633-2536